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Wazir Khan Mosque, why is this mosque in the headlines

Why is this mosque so famous?
Why does the mosque hold an important position in Mughal architecture?
Were the two basic but important questions running in my mind before visiting this piece of art.

  1. The mosque is in the headlines as it was the first ever mosque built inside the walled city of Lahore by Mughal Emperors.
  2. The walls of this mosque are ornamented with Kashi Kari, a beautiful and eye catchy mosaic and tile work, got this mosque president seat in Mughal architecture.

Excellent work by our artisans :)… Pakistan is blessed with one of the world’s most beautiful heritage sites… I am a true lover of Mughal architecture and working with many other like minded people to preserve heritage… Would love to visit Lahore and explore this city a bit more.

After reading this article made me realize that I should visit Pakistan again and this time Wazir Khan mosque is top of my list. Have been to Lahore many times but never been to Masjid wazir khan.

I love this mosque. It’s so beautiful at the entrance with all the intricate floral patterns, you cant miss it at all. I simply love the embellished with glazed tile mosaics and written calligraphy. As compared with its sister Badshahi mosque, each of them has their different character.