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Trip to hunza and skardu in the vacations

I want to visit Hunza in these summer vacation. so I am Planning a trip from Islamabad to Hunza and khunjerab pass and i got approximately 6 days for this trip. There are few questions roaming in my mind.
1- whats the best time to visit Hunza.
2- Should I my own vehicle or go with the people who arrange these kinda tours and trips.
3- Can we Visit Hunza on Vitz?
4- how much it will cost me?

These days are best to visit hunza because babusar top is open.
Spots: naltar, rakaposhi view point, nagar, hunza, atabad lake, passu cones,
Vitz can easily go and come back but get its expansions fixed first.
the whole tour will cost you approximately 40,000 thousands.

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Hunza is beautiful and glowing at any time of the year. i along with my university colleagues, have done camping over there. The average cost of a good room is somewhere between 2000-3000. If you go with these tour agencies, i might gonna cost you 15,000 to 20,000 per head.

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@kamal @dania thanks for your help… I am thinking that i should take make own vehicle, I would easily visit the near by places also.