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Treking to killer mountain

After 4 hrs hike to fairy meadows the first look of the killer mountain “Nanga Parbat” :eyes: with the last light

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WOOOWWWW. I mean this is such a beautiful photo. I can feel it while sitting in my home. Man hats off to your valor and enthusiasm. Can i join you on your next expedition. I had been following you for quite a while and every single time i am left amazed.

Thankyou so much @viqar… it really means a lot. I am happy that you liked my work and sure thing i will let you know when i will go any where.

How much did it cost u to reach fairy meadows from raikot as we 3 friends are planning to go 30th? kindly guide me please.

8100 jeep (This is a fixed rate)
3500 horse (per person)
Camp 1000
Cottage 4 to 5k
Thats the total break down

Ma Sha Allah… This is beautiful. Keep sharing mesmerizing stories like this.