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Traveling with baby to gilgit

We are planning along with my friends and family memebers to travel to the north of Pakistan in this summer vacations. The problem is i will be accompany by a two year baby. Is it safe to travel with baby?. Need opinions.

Ofcourse it is safe, saw many who travels with 1 yr old too…
You must need to carry all essentials for your kid including warm clothes…and basic medicines.

We are in kashmir for the past 3 days.
Its completely safe unless you also have a liking for adventures plus your baby is cooperative
If the above mentioned both things are missing then it would be a bit uncomfortable for either of you.

Thanks actually we are planning to go Hunza via Naran, kaghan way . whether car/jeep which would be more comfortable or any other vehicle.

The condition of the road requires a 4×4 jeep.
But i myself would prefer a car as it would be easy to adjust the baby, his cart and his stuff.

Do not take the KKH from Islamabad to Gilgit either way. It is not a road but a bumpy, rough unfinished and is not navigatable track. We just came back and had a tiring, uncomfortable terrible time.

@kaleem babusar top is open now, could have used that route. but you were unlucky.

We certainly were. The sad part was nobody spoke up about the terrible road conditions when we asked for.