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Traveling from Karachi to heaven - Naran & Kaghan

Hello Friends,

I have planned a road trip to visit Kaghan / Naran during June / July 2011 with my 3 friends. I never been to Kaghan / Naran before, so for that I would like you guys to shower some guidelines / suggestions here. we will be traveling on my Car from Karachi so I need following information from you all…

  1. My car is toyota VEZEL 2017 model.
  2. I need information about Karachi to Lahore road condition and all.
  3. What is the best route from Islamabad to Kaghan / Naran.
  4. Advice the good Economical hotel for Family with Hot water and other facilities in Kaghan and
  5. Any other useful information would be highly appreciated.

Sir cant tell much about route from karachi to lahore but from lahore onward you can use the M2 till islamabad. or the oher option is you can use M1 and turn towards abbottabad. then you will reach mansehra, balakot, the journey till balakot is perfectly fine. road condition is good.
from balakot onrward the real steep uphills start. depends on weather, if its raining then u might gonna come across landsliding.
God be with you, Best of luck!!!

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Thankyou so much @ammar that was really helpful and I shall contact if I needed any kinda help.

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@Waqas1 sureee. no problem. :slight_smile:

Karachi to Lahore is covered in 18-20 hours.
Karachi to Rawalpindi in 22-24 hours.
If you want to stay at lahore then go there or else direct to Rawalpindi.
I went to lahore from karachi and my route was…

Jbtw the road condition is excellent till Naran.
drive safe, wear seat belt, belts & tool kit for the car.

New Park Hotel Naran, 0997-430023, Fiaz 0334-9660807. We paid Rs.500/- (after bargaining) for 1 night stay.