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Tomri Temple a lost gem in the middle of Gujranwala

A temple standing in the village Badakhi Mundi about 2 km away Gujranwala city on the National Highway N-5. Before the establishment of Pakistan both Hindus and Sikhs used to come here for worship and also an annual fair called “Jug da Mela” used to held here. There is a water supply to the pond from a nearby canal. Moreover there is a bridge over the pond to access the temple. Anchor rooms were also built in one corner of the pond. After the demolition of the Babri Masjid, the the anchor rooms were also demolished and now its standing walls are indicating the signs that there was a time when this place use to be overly crowded with visitors.


Nice… Government of Pakistan should restore this place and open this for the hindus and sikhs again like they are doing Kartarpur corridor. This is really beautiful place though.

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Yeah i was thinking the same. I am gonna write a letter to the Ministry of Information Broadcasting & National Heritage. Hope they will response to that by restoring and renovating this place.

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Hmm good, hope they response to your letter… Plus do let me know if you needed any kinda help.

This is super beautiful. People of Pakistan should take care of places like these and respect them like they respect their religious sites.

Woow… I am thinking that our country is blessed with so many sites and the world needs to see these all. We all should join hands with the government to promote these sites.

I amazed… Thanks for putting up this place here. I will visit it before my vacation ends.