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The famous Khojak Pass, which was made as a game changer

After Graduating from a prestige university of Pakistan, Just like every graduate, I decided to take a trip not of the world but of my beloved country Pakistan. I had already visited all places in the north but now i wasn’t be able to decide where should I go. I took all the money i collected and being to count them. Suddenly my eye eyes caught the sight of the famous khojak pass, imprinted on the back side of 5 rupee note. I was quite surprised that we use these currency notes on daily basis but never ever realize why these places are imprinted on them. So I decided to quest all the places that were printed on our currency notes. The Khojak pass came first so i made my mind and stepped to head to the long forgotten tunnel near Pak-Afghan border. This beautiful places is 113 km to the west of Quetta. From the starting i kept looking at the five rupee note, I dont know why but I was lost in some deep thoughts.

The tunnel faces a mesmerizing place called SHELA BAGH. During late 19th century, the British rule decided to lay railway tracks to Kandahar in order to send British troops to counter the russian forces. The Britishers had to bypass Khojak pass of toba kakar mountain. Thus, the 3.9km tunnel was constructed from 1888 to 1891 under the Khojak Pass, and the tunnel was named after it as Khojak Tunnel. The railway track leads from quetta to chaman and then they couldnt built it any further, crossing the Khojak tunnel.

‘Shela’ is a Pashto word which means a seasonal mountainous river, and ‘bagh’ of course means a garden. There are few legends famous about Shela Bagh, one is, the area was named after a dancer called Shela who would entertain the labourers that worked tirelessly building the Khojak tunnel. The second, darker legend is that the chief engineer of the project killed himself before his masterpiece.

The state bank of Pakistan due to its very importance imprinted it on the backside of 5 rupee note which started in 1976 and continued till 2005. The Khojak tunnel once played an intergral part in the power politics of the subcontinent.


This whole writing is so beautiful. You are gem. I never even realize that our country got so much rich history. I think everyone here have visited the north because of the views but never even knew before that our country have so many historic sites like this.

I am just shocked, after reading this whole travel story i got chills in my spine. Like every other part of the country I now realize that balochistan is rich of history and have so many places that can easily attract tourists not only from this country but also from the whole world.

Oh My God… This reminded me of my childhood days. There was this drama called SHELA BAGH and i was so obsessed with it back then, that i switches on the TV 10 minutes before the commencing. I think I should put this up next on my travel list and these days the weather is also good to go to this area.

WOOWWW… Is this even real.? the whole article is so beautifully carved and written that I felt like I was traveling this place while i was reading. God bless you human. You narrated this marvelously. Now I want to go to this place.

My jaws just dropped after reading this article. Now the next thing i am going to do is that i am collecting all the notes, which were or are in market and plan my trip accordingly. I just want to say Thankyou for writing article. Its just KHOOBSURAT.