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Shrine of sachal sarmast

A pious human of the time, Abdul Wahab, tagged by the name of Sachal Sarmast, (intoxicated man of god and truth) by his followers, was born in 1739 in a village called Daraza in Khairpur.
The divine message of love was all, splashed from his poetry, the principles of mysticism was present in his words, according to him.

He was a strong follower and believed in the aroma of “Sama” (music) and he was accompanied with meditation most of the time. He mastered and delivered his words in seven languages in Sindhi, Seraiki and persian, thus plastered with the titles like Haft-i-Zuban Shair (the poet of seven languages) and Sartaj-us-Shuara, by his listeners. However, his work in sindhi and seraiki played the vital role to place his name on the top.

He was like a lamp who kept on spread light for 90 years but you know there is end to every candle, so this lamp passed away on Ramazan 1829 AD and his belongings were buried alongside the graves of his father, grandfather, uncle and cousins. Each years thousands of followers gather on the Urs of this human.


I really enjoyed visiting this Darbar two years back for the first time and now I visit this blessed place each year. Pakistan got many peaceful places like this to visit.

You are doing such a wonderful job sir. With your effort, the muslims on the both side of borders will be benefited, thus the relations between both countries will become better and stronger. This is really a wonderful piece of art. I always perish its beauty and its aesthetically pleasing architecture.

I am just sitting here with my eyes wide open and jaws dropped. This is so beautiful place. This looks so amazing and now i am thinking that how beautiful actually looks in real.

I have been to this place a couple of times and each time i am always welcomed by warm heart people of this area. I always hold great respect for human like him.