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Shah Allah Dita caves, history and connection with Buddha

A friend of mine from Islamabad told me about this village settled at the footsteps of margalla hills named as Shah Allah Dita. First I never gave much attention to what he was saying but the moment he said that that archaeologists found buddha’s statues, the only thing on my mind was exploring this place. So, last weekend i decided to go to this village to found what’s the real truth about its history.

I reach there early morning, roamed around and visited a popular pool which is fed non-stop and the caves, never found answer to my questions. I took a rough path towards to climb the hill facing the caves and saw a couple houses there. I went to one of the house and ask for water, an old appeared with age around 85+. He gave me water and I talked to him about people, and the history of the area. He started telling, that the village was more than 700 years old and was a route used by Alexander’s armies from kabul to Taxila and Sher shah suri’s battalions from afghanistan to hindustan.

Also relics of Buddhist era were found dating from 8th century and 2400 old buddist era murals of buddha appeared on the walls of the caves. He also told that there is also a stepwell in the vicinity of the village.

Due to shortage of time i had to ask for leaving from the old man. He greeted me and came all the way to my car to say goodbye. I was a bit surprised by the history of this village. Now I am planning to go again there and this time I am gonna visit the stepwell and a mosque built by Shahb ud din ghori.


Arrrayy Wahh, thanks for sharing this useful piece of information. I have been to this place but only knew that it is famous for Buddish relics. And that Stepwell also, neevr been there but next time, I will go there too.

I am from Rawalpindi and wondering that how come i dont know about this place. This looks super interesting. I shall go there soon.

Woowww… Its quite interesting place to visit, I guess. How much is this place far from Islamabad? I will be in islamabad for vacations. Thankyou @faisal for adding adding a place to my list. Tell me more if you know.

@arooba maam… This village a almost 30 mins away from islamabad and is near the D-12 sector.
There a lot of other places like Golra Darbar, Golra railway station and Bari Iman, where you can go.