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Route from Islamabad to Kumrat valley

Can anyone guide me about the suitable route for Kumrat Valley from Islamabad that should be easy as my family is traveling with me.

There are two routes but I have been to Kumrat for couple of time and used only on route i.e., via Dir and then Thal. There are alot of sites on the way that you can visit also.

There is another route from Kalam via Badgoi top. This route is a bit bumpy and requires Jeep or 4x4 vehicle. Though this route is more beautiful than the other one(Dir-Thal). There are many serene views you can catch-up on your way.

@qammar @arooba Thankyou so much both of you. :slight_smile:

Isb - Mardan - Chakdara - Timergara - Sheringal - Thal - Kumrat