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Road trip to Northren areas of Pakistan

I am planning a visit to Hunza and skardu on any date in the first week of September. Will it possible to cover all these places in 11 days from Islamabad? Also asking how’s it to travel with groups?
Following are the areas I want to cover in the above mentioned days:
Lulusar lake
Naltar valley
Eagles nest
Atabad lake
Khunjerab pass /China border
Hussaini suspension
Altit baltit fort
Skardu valley
Lower kachura lake
Manthoka waterfall
Are these places good to visit in start of September… and this will be a road trip.

Yes, it is possible in 11 days easily. Just dont take long breaks on the way. Plus get some good jeep or muscle car so that the weather should not be a problem.

Yeah man, these are good and very beautiful places to visit. plus yes you can cover all these places in mentioned days. But i would suggest that try planning in these days cuz in september the road from babusar top will be closed and You will have to go through the ass-tiring road of Kohistan. and thats not a good option in any condition.

Are you going alone? If so, then tag me along with with you. I am planning to visit all these places but could not find any company sadly. And I can bring my 4X4 jeep.

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@fayyaz I would love to take you along but I am planning this with my two other friends. Let me discuss this with them and I will let you know, I dont think they will have any issue. lets see you they gonna say.

@fakhar Thankyou so much… And yeah sure discuss it with them and let me know. :slight_smile:

Brother if you any guidance or tour guide, do let me know. Its quite easy to go to all these places in 11 days. You can add more places in the list if you want to. And like its mentioned in the comments above, that babusar top will be closed in September and the road condition from Kohistan side is not good and there is a lot of construction work being done on the way so plan it accordingly.

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@noman1 Sure i will let you know if we needed any help. And thanks for telling the road condition from the other side, we are planning to change our dates…