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Road trip from lahore to kpk.. some suggestions needed

I am planning to visit different areas of kpk like swat, naran kaghan and malam jabba from lahore by road. I also wanted to visit Salt mines and Kallar Kahar while going to islamabad. A couple of years back I visited Kallar kahar with my friends but this time my family is accompanying me and the problem is that i forgot that which interchange we use to turn towards the Khewra. Kindly drop its name in the comments.

The name of the interchange is lillah Interchange that turns toward Khewra. Its good to see that you are traveling with your family. have a safe journey. :slight_smile:

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thank you so much @kaleem for you help.

Thats will really memorable and amazing trip. I was just concerned that with car/jeep you are traveling in because the road condition is not that good?

Brother thankyou so much for your concern. I got Mitsubishi Jeep 1995 model, running in best of its condition. moreover I got its suspension’s work done so, the hilly areas wont be a problem i guess.

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Array waahh… No wonder you are all ready and got a perfect vehicle for you trip. Have a safe journey.