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New discovery in Hingol National Park, Balochistan

New Discovery…
One of the senior explorer from Balochistan Mr. Asad Mir has discovered a new wind eroded sculpture during his exploration inside the “Hingol National Park”.
This is quite similar and affirmative to be named as “Prince of Hingol” as to complete the pair of the saddest and loneliest “Princess of Hope”.

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I believe there is an ancient civilization waiting to be discover which is more older than any old civilization in any part of the world especially in this part around. This part of province is more than a business trading route. A lot more to discover and a lot more to understand.

It’s a great discovery for our beloved land of Balochistan, great effort done by Mr, Asad Mir many congratulations to him for this great discovery, i think “Prince of Hope” name suits it.

Prince’s castle can be seen too on the opposite side. I’ve been to this area, very Beautiful no doubt, whole park is full of amazing structures like these!!!

Amazing job sir Asad Mir. You are a gem that our country was in search of. I shall visit this place soon. Government must support such people to appreciate their work and in this way their efforts and skills will get polished.