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Nakana Sahib - A place where humanity has no borders

Gurdwaras Sri Pehli Patshai sri Kayara Sahib Nankana Sahib Punjab Pakistan .
History of this Gurdwara Sahib :
Kiara means an agricultural field or plot. This Gurudwara is related to a miracle wrought by Guru Nanak Dev in his boyhood. It is situated east of the present town, near the railway station. It is said that the boy Nanak was once grazing cattle hereabout. While he sat absorbed in meditation, the cattle went into a nearby field and damaged the crop. The owner of the field complained to Rai Bular, who called Nanak for interrogation. The latter pleaded that no damage had been done to the crop. Rai Bular sent his men along with the complainant and the defendant to inspect the field in question. but to the discomfiture of the complainant farmer and to the surprise of everyone else, it was found that no damage whatsoever had been done. This Gurudwara is situated at a distance of one and a half kilometers from Gurudwara Janam Asthan. According to Janam Sakhi, when Guru Nanak was yet a young man, he was to graze cattle. While resting underneath a shady tree, Guru Nanak was immersed in thoughts and the cattle went astray in the fields of a farmer. On having seen this, the peasant got red with rage. The clamoring made by the peasant disturbed the Guru from his trance. On beholding the Guru, he got embarrassed and made a complaint to Raj Bular. The Gurudwara drove the Cattle towards his house. On the return, the Guru just had a kind look at the field which turned green. By watching this miracle, the Hindus and the Muslims revered the Guru. This Gurudwara is situated in that historical field. After then one large holly pond also built for bath or (Sarour ) Now days Sarour is empty but Sikh Sangat Start repair of all Gurudwaras of Nankana Sahib . Before 1947 one canal specially built for filling of Sroures of Nankana Sahib . Gurudwara Sahib Still have large place very open area all around .


You are doing such a wonderful job sir. With your this small effort, pak and india’s relation will become more better and stronger. This is really a wonderful piece of art. I always perish its beauty and its aesthetically pleasing architecture.

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Thankyou so much @yaqoob I did my part in bringing both the nations close. Hope this small effort will serve the purpose and more visitors will visit this holy place from the other side of border.

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I have been to this place a couple of times and each time i am always welcomed by warm heart people of this area. I always hold great respect for hindu community. I am from lahore and my door is always open for you people.

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Wooww this is wonderful and heart warming for hindu community. Hope this world will become heaven for everyone.

I am glad that you shared this wonderful piece of information with us. This place is always on the top of my list to go. I am from karachi and I never been to this side of country. Hope I shall visit this place soon.