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My last visit to Gorakh Hill station

Gorakh Hill Station
This hill station is situated 423 km (263 mi) at drive of approximately 8 hours from Karachi. It stands on the boundary of Balochistan and Sindh province of Pakistan. The Hill station attracts a hundred of national as well as international tourists.
The famous Hill Station is quite popular for its nightlife, specially Bonfire setup. The amazing thing is that the temperature drops to zero in winters and around 20 degrees in summers.


Wwoooww… I am just amazed and questioning myself that how places like these exists in Pakistan and many of us still dont know if these are here. And This will be my next travel destination. thanks for sharing.

Bohat Allaaw janab. Is this even real?. Why people of our country head to other countries while beautiful places like this are waiting for us. Putting this on my list.

Each day this country give me chills with its beautiful views. I can live my whole life at a place like this without any additional demands :stuck_out_tongue: Hoping that the steps taken by the government will attract more and more tourists and the world will appreciate these places by visiting them. The view is really breathtaking.