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Information for those who are traveling north

For those of you who would be driving up the Mountains. This Post holds relevance for whether you are in the Himalayas or the Karakorams.

One of the most often asked Question pertaining to our recent Journey in the Himalayas is what to do in case of oncoming Traffic when going on narrow dangerous Mountain Roads ?

Well there are certain Rules I follow :

Always keep in your mind that the other vehicle has the “Right” of way whether its coming uphill or downhill. The General Rule is Upcoming Traffic has the right of way and its correct but if you have space and a powerful Vehicle give way to Traffic even if you are going uphill.

When driving on especially narrow Roads make a mental note of all the places that come on the way where two Vehicles can pass. Even the narrowest Road would have the provision for such places.

Always keep your eyes far ahead as well and glance over the Mountain Road and be on the lookout for any Vehicle that may be coming towards you. Tell your co-passenger also to be on the lookout.

Never go to such places alone if you are not familiar with the Roads. A trust worthy navigator is absolutely essential and plus you can reverse the Roles whenever one feels tired.

If the other Vehicle seizes the initiative and stops to give you a Pass always smile, wave and say Thank You. The smile you will get in return will be worth it even if you are in a vehicle.

Always take the initiative and reverse. Dont wait for a stalemate and Ego to kick in. Just put your Vehicle in reverse, of course after checking that there are no Vehicles behind. Learn to reverse using the Rear view Mirrors. All 3.

You will be surprised the lengths to people will go to accommodate someone they see as reasonable. The fact that you reversed without blinking an eye lid would make you come across as a reasonable Man and this will be in your interest.

This holds especially true for HP Transport Buses and BRO Trucks who are guys going about a serious job and people like us are there just for leisure. Work comes first. So even if it seems that they are trying to Bully you stay calm and reverse.

Be extra considerate and show compassion to others. The Mountains will take care of you.

Thank you so much for sharing such a useful information. This was much needed as most of travelers dont really consider this things while traveling.

Thanks God… I glad someone came up with this. and in addition to this and above of all I want to say please dont throw waste in the opening and the places you guys visit.

Wow… I really appreciate your effort and the point have raised is valid and i would like to add to something really important that please cooperate with the local government and law enforcement departments. and above of all keep these heaven like places clean and collect the the garbage if you see any without any hesitation.

All hands down to you guys for all this information and the points guys came up with, hope must be considered by the people who shall visit these places in the near future. Our country need caring people like you all.