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Info regarding roads

Anyone recommend going kumrat from kalam?? Road was closed lately… is it open now ??

I also have the same question, so I am following this post.
I am also planning a trip to this same side with my pals, planned till kalam, if i got enough motivation here, might gonna plan for Kumrat too.

Yes road is open now only for 4*4 jeeps.
Snow is still on the road but jeeps even cars like corolla can get through it.

Open for all kind of traffic.

All kind?
I mean cars and bikes too? from kalam to kumrat?

yes sir for jeeps, cars and bikes too.

Yes it’s open. I reached Kumrat today. Road condition isn’t good but it is still worth it. Go there by 4x4.

Jeep track but too much cold and snow. Spending a night or camping is not a idea and is unbearable.
get warm clothes.