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I want to visit Chitral but i need guide

Hello fam, Hope everyone is fine and doing great in their lives by the Grace of GOD

I want to visit Chitral for max 7-8 days next month, everyone is home and i wanted it to be a family trip. Could anyone of you please suggest me where should go in Chitral and which areas i should avoid or are not worth visiting.

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Hey… I have some suggestions and this is the route I followed with my family last year.

Day 1: Starting from Islamabad at night around 3am If you got your own vehicle then its will be best in your interest. your first stop must be at Drosh. From Drosh, you can have a day trip to Madaglasht (a very beautiful, calm valley and less visited). In the evening leave for Bumburet and stay there for the night, Bumburet is a sub-valley of Kalash.

Day 2: Visit the 6 beautiful villages of Bumburet. Night stay in Bumburet.

Day 3: Visit other sub-valleys of Kalash. i.e. Rumbur & Birir. You can stay a night here or can head for chitral for night stay.

Day 4: Head for Chitral and spend a whole day in Chitral. Th famous places here are Chitral Fort and Shahi Mosque.

Day 5: Visit Chitral Gol National Park. If you some time then do visit Garam Chashma.

Day 6: If not able to visit Garam Chashma on Day 5, then go for it in Day 6. Otherwise, you have some other options like Barmoglasht or Qaqlasht.

Day 7: Leave early morning from Chitral for Shandur Top. On the way, you would be able to see some beautiful settlements of Buni, Mastuj and Sor Laspur. Return to Chitral after a day visit to shandur. Stay for a night in Chitral.

Day 8: Follow the same route back home
Best of Luck


@asad Thankyou soooo much. this looks really good.

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We covered the same areas in our tour to chitral. and You can visit each and every place easily but for this the vehicle must be your own.

This is a really really good plan to follow if you are with your family. i would suggest that wait for some days and let the monsoon season pass.