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I always wonder what is hidden in Katas Raj, so one day i found it

The Katas Raj Temples
Several Hindu temples bridged with one another by walkways. A sacred pond tagged by Hindus, surround the temples commonly known as Katas. The Katas Raj is located in Chalwal District of Punjab, near the capital, Islamabad. Standing at the altitude of 2000 feet. It is believed that founder of Sikh faith, Baba Guru Nanak, happened to visited these temples several times.


One of the beautiful temples in Potohwar plateau. The people of this area are so warm welcoming and will always their for you. The site is also mesmerizing. The department of heritage and culture is also doing its best to save the site.

No wonder the site speaks for its own beauty and importance. I visited this place a year back but still fresh in my mind. I am now planning to visit it again this year.

Wwooowww… This is so beautiful. That lake is adding to the beauty of the temples. I am not a big fan of travelling but i shall going to visit place as soon as possible.

I have been there for a couple of times. what a wonderful place with amazing architecture.