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Hussaini suspension bridge - a nightmare

I would categorize Hussaini bridge as the most dangerous bridge in the world. It was totally a nightmare for me to cross it as i got height phobia. Located at Upper Gojal in Hunza… The amazing part about this bridge is that it got very beautiful and mesmerizing views as its background. For local people, its very easy to cross it with luggage caring at their back but for the visitors its super difficult to even at a single step on it.


Holy shoot… How would anyone will even think about even taking a single step on this death-well. It is looking super difficult and dangerous. I will prefer death over crossing this bridge.

wooww. This is the most difficult bridge to cross but got the the most beautiful views. I shall soon visit this place. How is this even still standing. I am just amazed.

Array Wahhh. Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo with us @hashim. You just reminded me of my visit to this heaven. This place got the breathtaking views. I am physically here but my mind and heart are still in this heaven like place.

Khubsoorat tareen. My jaws just dropped after looking after looking at this photo. May my wish to visit this place come true one day. This place already took my heart. :heart_eyes::heart: