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Golra Railway station

Golra Railways station is situated on the outskirts of Islamabad, located at 1994 feet above sea level, in the southeast of the Margalla Hills. It’s a century-old station with Victorian-style building, steam engines, old but preserved buggies and railway cranes on extra tracks. The giant trees enhance the beauty of the area. The station is still active as more than 20 trains pass this every day and few trains have a stop here. The major attraction here is a venerated railway museum housing relics and memorabilia associated with railways dating back to the days of British Raj.

I cycled to explore this historic site and its museum. Unfortunately, the museum which is a box-like building was locked and I couldn’t enter, thanks to the glass windows I could peak in and see some vintage style fans and lights. Outside the building, some old buggies, steam engines, and carts were displayed which were interesting to watch. I walked along with those carts and buggies and tried to imagine the time when they ruled over the railway tracks running between the crop fields and mountains.

There were few passengers on the railway station waiting for their train to come. The station wasn’t crowded at all. It was peaceful and had a serene environment overall. It’s a must go place if you like to enjoy the calmness in the air.

OMG yes… This a best place to visit for photography and the amazing thing is that this railway station is still under use and all the tools and instruments are kept in the museum. Last time i visited this place, i met an old person of age around 80, told me folk stories related to this station. I would definitely suggest this place for a visit.

Yeah true… Everything you said about this place is right. I have visited this place for a couple of times and every time i left the station with more love from locals and more love from me for this place. Beauty of this station tells its own tales. People should also keep it clean i mean the surrounding areas.

Could you please guide me the way of this railway station. I am from lahore and recently shifted to islamabad.

you can take the route of G13 from golra mor and it will lead you to the village Golra. Just follow that road where it leads to and the station’s entrance is right on the road.
Moreover you can also Search on Google maps for more clear route description.

Thanks dear… I shall visit this place soon.

Along with this beautiful place. there is also Golra Darbar there. You guys should also pay a visit to this Darbar. Its is super beautiful and well architectured. I call this darbar as 2nd Minaret Pakistan cuz its minaret resembles Minaret pakistan a lot. :slight_smile: