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Chandragup mud volcanoes got a story of their own

Balochistan is truly an undiscovered paradise!
The Chandragup mud volcanoes are located in Hingol National Park which is the largest national park in Pakistan. There are known to be as much as 21 mud volcanoes in Hingol national park and these are said to be some of the largest mud volcanoes in the world.

Some 5 kilometers ahead of these mud volcanoes to the south, lie an untouched and unnamed beach that is only reachable by muscle vehicles and is a house of some of the rarest wildlife and mesmerizing blue waters.

This place is literally an off-roader’s heaven! With pretty much every kind of terrain an off-roading enthusiast can love. Plastered clay grounds, mud volcano hills, soft beach sand dunes and what not!

It was always my dream to go to this place. This year i am making this dream a reality with the help of God. I am so glad that our security agencies have worked day and night to make this happen and a lot of International tourists are coming to Pakistan this year. Which is a good sign in portraying positive picture to the world.

Will love to go this time. Last year i missed this opportunity but this year i will surely go to see these beautiful dunes. Moreover i shall also visit the near by places.