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Bike trip to Kumrat vally

I did my solo bike trip in june and i would like to share my story with you guys. It was pretty amazing and i got to experienced a lot of thing. Now i can say that this was the most amazing trip i had in my life. Following are the things included in my luggage :
Trouser 02, T-shirt 02, Socks 01, Sleeping bag 01, Sleeping Pad 01, Gas Cylinder 01, One Small Pot, Rain Cover 01, Power Bank 01, Jacket 01
Total Cost that I had to bear was 9500.
And I followed the following route :
Day 1: Lahore to Peshawar on train (bike was also on same train)
Day 2: Peshawar to Upper Dir
Day 3: Upper Dir to Chitral
Day 4: Chitral to Garam Chashma
Day 5: Chitral City Tour
Day 6: Chitral to Kalash Valley
Day 7: Kalash Valley to Kumrat
Day 8: Camping in Kumrat Valley Aabshaar
Day 9: Kumrat Valley to Thall
Day 10: Thall to Jahaz Banda & visit Waterfall
Day 11: Jahaz Banda to Badogai Pass
Day 12: Badogai Pass to Kalam Valley
Day 13: Kalam Valley to Mahodand Lake
Day 14: Mahodand Lake to Swat
Day 15: Swat to Lahore


OMG… This looks so cool. Its my dream to do a bike tour. But for that, first i have to know how to ride a bike. Hope my this wish come true one day.

Kamal krtay hou janab. Do let me know next time. Its my wish to do a bike tour. How is the road condition these days, I have heard that due to monsoon its gone bad.

@hashim The road condition back then, before monsoon, was good but now I can’t say a word because I have been listening in the news about the landsliding. I would suggest that better try next time before monsoon.

Man you just sparked-up my little childhood wish of doing the bike trip to north. I shall do it soon before my vacation ends with my friends.