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A hospital in balochistan turned into library

So visited balochistan in winters and found out that their was a abandoned hospital which is now turned into a library. This library is motivating youth here in Sariab. I am feeling so proud of the government and the local people who made this happened.

Proud of you Baloch brothers! you have taken a meaningful step which will pave the ways for further progress and prosperity.our generations and much needed to be imparted decent education so that they may be able to compete with their fellow beings throughout the entire world .God bless all of those who are either actively participating in promotion of education or supporting the cause.

Proud of you jawano…
We have many examples of Sariab, pashtoonabad, khoratabad, that they have worked hard and are on key position not only in Pakistan but also around the globe.
We have to take steps like this, no one will come to change or assist us… lets put our hands together to create good image of Balochistan.

Sariab people are very close to our hearts they are beautiful for us. I really encourage you guys for taking this step and hope it will be helpful for our youths. Keep going. Well done

What is the procedure of getting membership in that library.? Do we have to submit our Identification Cards or what.?

You have to fill the form your CNIC, 2 passport size photographs and just 200 membership fee is require to be paid in order to be the member and have access to the books of Library.
And i think thats pretty much easy as butter.

Woow MA SHA ALLAH… this is such a good step from the local government and the people. Every day these balochi brothers are doing great job. I am amazed. May you all keep progressing like this.